At the beginning of this year, Leon was invited to The White House for his input on ways to economically empower minorities, and how to more positively impact our nation’s youth.

Leon Isaac Kennedy will be in the history books as a creative pioneer in movies.

Leon started in radio as a disc jockey at 16. By age 19, he wrote, produced and hosted his own TV show. Prior to “Soul Train”, it was Leon who had the first black syndicated TV show.

By age 24, Leon was producing major motion pictures. Leon has written and/or starred in such major classics as “Penitentiary 1”, “2” and “3”; “Body and Soul” with Muhammad Ali and Jayne Kennedy; “Lone Wolfe McQuade” with Chuck Norris, and many others. Leon’s films have generated over 150 million dollars and play constantly around the world.

Throughout the years, Leon has attended the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera, and has been featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. Leon has been viewed by the world as one of those rich and famous that he constantly interacts with.

However, despite all of his credits and show business success, Leon states that his gr
eatest satisfaction is in having a relationship with Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Leon is not just a saved entertainer who gives a “testimony”, but spent many years studying and praying. Leon is in fact a licensed and ordained minister. Through years of study and prayer, Leon has learned how to be sensitive to set an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to work through - and wonderful blessings have occurred.

When the Iron Curtain fell - Leon was one of the first to evangelize in Russia, and spoke to 10,000 Russian citizens per night, passing out tens of thousands of Bibles.

Leon has traveled around the globe teaching that each person must develop their own personal relationship with the living Jesus!

His anointed ministry has touched tens of thousands at churches, prisons, drug rehab centers, youth homes, etc.

For over a decade, Leon has appeared as a celebrity guest on TBN, and has been an inspiration to countless families and individuals.

It has been widely documented on TV and in newspaper articles that legendary Writer-Performer Smokey Robinson states Leon’s prayers and intervention saved his life.

Smokey also states that for many years countless individuals had tried unsuccessfully to have Smokey’s father accept the Lord.

Smokey states, “…But it was Leon with persistent prayer that got my Daddy to finally accept Jesus. Knowing that he was saved and made heaven was a great comfort to our entire family”.

Leon knows everyone – from Michael Jackson to Michael Jordan, Britney Spears, Puff Daddy, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Donald Trump, the former President Clinton, and all the other personalities in-between, far too many to mention.

However, Leon sums it up thusly, “My very best times in life have been when I’m worshipping with my Christian brothers and sisters, and the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit enters into our midst”.

The world has nothing to offer that can compete with the joy, the peace, the love, the completeness of those times!”

“I don’t think any man is truly a real man or a true success until he becomes a ‘spiritual man’, living in a relationship with his Heavenly Father!”

Leon Isaac Kennedy

“I want to thank some of the wonderful people that throughout the years have imparted their time, spirit and support into this ministry.

Pastor EV Hill, Pastor Frank and Bunny Wilson, Dr. Fred Price, Dad Kenneth Hagen, Evangelist Tim Storey, Pastors Jean and Joe Perez, Paul and Jan Crouch, Bishop Charles Blake, Former Presiding Bishop Ford. Pastor Dick Bernal, Bishop Ernestine Reems, Apostle Al Forniss.”


Dear Leon:

We were truly blessed by your ministry. Your ministry of prayer and worship, entering into Gods presence is much needed throughout every church in America. This teaching is not new but seems to have been almost forgotten. I would recommend that any church invite you to come and minister. In particular, I am forwarding this letter to my good friends Pastor Wallace and Marilyn Hickey, Pastor Benny Hinn and Bishop Earl Paulk. Continue to be used - PASTOR BILL SWAD, THE CHRISTEN CENTER, COLUMBUS OHIO

“I was expecting a Hollywood Celebrity to give a “Testimony”. To our delight Leon truly “Ministered” to our people. Your Ministry demonstrates a deep compassion for the people... You truly blessed us”. PASTOR TOMMY REID, FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.

“God has given Leon Isaac Kennedy a crash course in Ministry. He Ministers with a level of maturity that usually takes decades”. BISHOP CHARLES BLAKE, WEST ANGELES CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

“I just met Leon at O.R.U.’s charismatic Bible Conference. I felt God urged me to open our doors to him. The moment he uttered his first words... I knew I had heard God! Looking forward to bringing you back!” PASTOR CHARLES GREEN, WORD OF FAITH CHURCH, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA.

“I met Leon and sensed a strong presence of God on His Life. I invited him to my church. After the first service I said “...don’t feel restricted - you’re at home here.” That night Leon ministered as he was led - we had so many delivered from the bondage of drug and alcohol addictions, abuse, depression and oppression - they were too numerous to count. Documented healings of cancer, deafness - and a variety of other healings. Each day the meetings grew to packed out attendance. Then a special surprise - Muhammad Ali, who’s lived in this area for 10 years but has never attended a Christian Church (He is Muslim) heard his friend Leon was ministering and came to our church! Additionally 1/3 of the people that attended these services had never come to our church! I think many came out of curiosity, others because they’ve seen him in the movies, or on T.B.N. or other Christian outlets. What brought them in is insignificant - for they were hit with the anointed word of God! Many of these first timers have continued to worship at our church” - BISHOP N. WELLS, MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN

“This brother is highly anointed, and sensitive to God. It’s apparent he spends much time in prayer”. - EVANGELIST JEFF FENHOLT, REGULARLY SEEN ON T.B.N.

Based on a referral from Bill Owens at O.R.U., Dr. Richard Henton of Chicago’s Monument of Faith asked Leon to minister for a Sunday service. The Lord moved so in that one service, that Pastor Henton brought Leon back for an additional six days.

“Having been a Pastor, I understand the deep concern when allowing one to share the pulpit. I can testify that Leon has not gone out to just give a personal testimony. He has sat and been steeped in the “Word”. Out of his great hunger to learn and grow, Leon has personally flown to just sit under many of my meetings as well as gleaning from many others. His hard work, research and tedious study in the Azusa and Seymour documentary resulted in not only critically acclaimed, but anointed work. He has been a personal friend for over two years and I can attest to his integrity and a genuine heart for the Lord, the people and the ministry. Leon has now reached a point, wherein it’s not a “Celebrity Name” but “His gift shall make room for Him”. - TIM STOREY, TIM STOREY MINISTRIES, WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA

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