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Our Financial Teachings are dedicated to the millions of Christian brothers and sisters that want to be more than -- Blessed But Broke!

 “As I attend conferences or watch spiritual conferences on T.V. I see quiet desperation on the faces of so many of our people.

So many are already suffering greatly - millions of others are only four stopped pay checks from disaster.

Almost 40 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. elegantly proclaimed that all people regardless of race, creed or gender should have the right to:

  • Vote anywhere - Eat anywhere - Live anywhere - Go anywhere -

  • Have a right to the same jobs and degrees -

 “Some day when all can say! Free at last, free at last! Thank God almighty. We’re free at last!”

But how can they do any of the above - if they don’t have the economic means to do so?

Today I proclaim for all people - white - black - brown and yellow that we set them free! - from the modern day shackles of slavery.

Free! - from the shackles of Lack - Debt - Usury - Despair and ignorance.

To this bondage - I proclaim let our people go! I proclaim a new day of truly living like “We Are The Head And Not The Tail!” A day of God’s children having -- Economic Freedom! A day that they can truly shout free at last! - free at last! - thank God almighty - I’m ECONOMICALLY free at last!!!

Our Financial Teachings are dedicated to every hard working man that can’t find a job. Every family that cannot afford medical insurance.

Every single mom that has to stretch her budget just to feed her kids --

And to the millions of other Christian brothers and sisters that want to be more than - - “Blessed - but Broke!!!”

I can’t help but follow what The Spirit of God has put on me. I’ve been called to use my talents, resources, and successful friends to help in this area.

We believe that Jesus cares about the whole man and woman.

 - From their pocket book - to their relationships - to their health - vitality and self respect.

Leon , with his “Brain trust of Millionaires” represents a group of people that have done it- - generated millions of dollars from different arenas of life.

Leon states -- that in today’s global economic meltdown – with outsourcing – size downs, with cities and states bordering on bankruptcy –

When it comes to finances – our people don’t need to be taught what they need to do– but, how to do – a step-by-step – How To


  • No Job Security –

  • Millions of jobs sent overseas

  • Once proud manufacturing cities like Gary , Indiana , Detroit and many others now having few jobs to give.

One must now learn - “HOW TO - ADAPT”

  • Reinvent and Reinvest in one’s self. –

  • How to invest in knowledge –

Leon and his Millionaire Brain Trust strive to give step-by-step knowledge and expertise - powered by God’s Word - to help truly change one’s circumstances.

Leon also uses his “The Success Secrets and Stories of the so called Rich and Famous”, not just for entertainment but to pull out TheSuccess Power Points” so that one can learn to apply them to their own lives.


With job security becoming an historical relic, teachings are provided on –  


  • Go into business for oneself

  • Create Streams of Income

  • Identify a void and fill a “niche-need”

We provide Teachings and Power Points, from not only “Leon’s Brain Trust of Millionaires”– but also from some of his friends and associates, such as – “Man of the Year”, Billionaire Don Sterling (Don started from nothing and made over a billion dollars just through real estate – also owns the L.A. Clippers) - Captains of Industry like Lee Iacocca, music activist Russell Simmons, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Brady Keys, and many more.  


“My people perish for lack of knowledge” - HOSEA 4:6

Perish - Dwindle - Dissipate - Die -

So the reverse must be true with the right Knowledge and Wisdom my people - Flourish - Prosper - Grow and Gain!

 “The wealth of (the world system) is laid up for the just.” Proverbs 13:22

But, how do you tap in to manifest what you desire?

They say, “there are no short cuts to success”.

But there are short cuts to success – if one has a Mentor - a Coach - a Trainer.  

It’s all about networking -- with God’s like-minded people. People helping people by exchanging ideas, resources and energy.

 We strive to provide these Teachings, Contacts and Resources for you.


In His Name & Service, Leon Isaac Kennedy

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