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Throughout the years, Leon has attended the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera, and has been featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. Leon has been viewed by the world as one of those rich and famous that he constantly interacts with.

However, despite all of his credits and show business success, Leon states that his greatest satisfaction is in having a relationship with Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Leon is not just a saved entertainer who gives a “testimony”, but has spent many years studying - fasting and praying. Leon is in fact, a licensed and ordained minister, who through years of study and prayer, has learned how to be sensitive to set “An Atmosphere” for The Holy Spirit to work through - and Wonderful Blessings have occurred.

Using his Hollywood creative gifts – Leon with Tim Storey produced the 6-Hour Documentary Series on The Azusa Street Revival – “The Untold Story” - “The Women of Azusa Street – Hosted by Paula White” - and - “The Life of William Seymour – Hosted by Kenneth Copeland”.

Leon also worked with former presiding Bishop Gilbert H. Patterson and Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake to write, direct and produce the “100 Year History of the Church of God in Christ”.

Doing the research on these highly anointed documentaries took many years of intensive study.

Within this research, Leon learned about God’s Dunamis, God’s Glory and the Pentecostal Fire that fueled the Azusa Street Revival non-stop for 3 ½ years.

He was then led to study the lives of many of God’s Generals, William Seymour, Bishop C.H. Mason, Aimee Semple McPherson – research the Great Healing Crusades of the 1940’s, Oral Roberts, A. A. Alan, William Branham – and others --

Then to research and study the more recent Healing Ministries of Kathryn Kuhlman – Benny Hinn and Tim Storey.

All the while God was speaking to and teaching Leon about the importance of intensified prayer, quality time (sanctified time) with just “Him”.

The Holy Spirit then taught Leon how to set “An Atmosphere” for “Him” to move in to meet the needs for “today’s generation”.

One could call it – “An Atmosphere for Miracles”!

As a result, there have been countless documented – Physical and Inner Healings.

A strong Spirit of Deliverance, Breaking Yokes – Burdens – Bondages and every kind of Addiction. Thousands of testimonies of breakthroughs in Finances – Relationships and Emotions.

Kennedy Healing Love Ministries is now known worldwide as a ministry in which The Supernatural Strong Presence of God moves in a Miraculous Way.

Leon states the ministry of Jesus was to Teach – Preach – Heal and Deliver. – This generation needs to experience His full Power!

I believe in a “wholistic” Jesus – He cares about every single part of you. – Not just your Salvation, but your Health, Emotional State, and Finances.

Through much Prayer and Fasting, this ministry has seen the miraculous on all of these levels.

This ministry has a reputation for Hands-On Prayer and Laboring for the people. Even after a service has been dismissed, Leon is known for staying long hours still praying for those in need of prayer.

Many years ago, when the Iron Curtain fell - He was one of the first to evangelize in Russia, and spoke to 10,000 Russian citizens per night, passing out tens of thousands of Bibles.

Leon has traveled around the globe teaching that each person must develop their own personal relationship with the living Jesus!

For over a decade, he has appeared as a celebrity guest on TBN, and has been an inspiration to countless families and individuals.

It has been widely documented on TV and in books that legendary Writer-Performer Smokey Robinson states Leon’s prayers and intervention saved his life.

Smokey also states that for many years countless individuals had tried unsuccessfully to have Smokey’s father accept the Lord. Smokey states, “…But it was Leon with persistent prayer that got my Daddy to finally accept Jesus. Knowing that he was saved and made heaven was a great comfort to our entire family”.

Leon knows everyone – from Michael Jackson to Michael Jordan, Britney Spears, Puff Daddy, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Donald Trump, the former President Clinton, and all the other personalities in-between, far too many to mention.

However, Leon sums it up thusly, “My very best times in life have been - when I’m worshipping with my Christian brothers and sisters, and The Wonderful Presence of The Holy Spirit enters into our midst”.

The world has nothing to offer that can compete with the joy, the peace, the love, the completeness of those times!”

“I don’t think any man is truly a real man or a true success until he becomes a ‘spiritual man’, living in a relationship with his Heavenly Father!

Leon Isaac Kennedy  


“I want to thank some of the wonderful people that throughout the years have imparted their time, spirit and support into this ministry.

 Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Former Presiding Bishop Ford, Dad Kenneth Hagen, Pastor Phillip G. Goudeaux, Evangelist Tim Storey, Pastor Chuck Singleton, Pastors Jean and Joe Perez, Dr. Fred Price, Pastor Frank and Bunny Wilson, Paul and Jan Crouch, Pastor Dick Bernal, Apostle Al Forniss, Bishop Ernestine Reems, and Pastor EV Hill.

I so much appreciate your Time, Inspiration and Impartation Much Love & Respect, Leon



You prayed for me in May of 2008.  At that time although I am an Evangelist, heavy warfare was coming up against me.  God used you in the realm of the Spirit to lay hands on me and speak a word from the Lord to break every yoke, curse, and evil word spoken against me; sending it back to the pits of Hell from which it came.  Within a couple of weeks, God begin to deal with me in the prophetic dream and gave me clear instructions concerning my next step in ministry.  Doors begin to open for me to speak and travel.  I am a Fragrance of the Spirit teacher, I believe when we walk in all 9 fruit of the spirit love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance it is a sweet smelling aroma that is released in the atmosphere that will cause people to be drawn to the Christ within us.  Also, I am a widow with two adult sons, as I begin to operate in faith the Lord saved my bloodline.  Now, my son is studying the word of God and bringing souls to Christ.  Evangelist Kennedy, I thank God that you allowed the Holy Spirit to use you to speak life into the people of God.  Your Sister in Christ, Evangelist Bendetta Perry, Fragrance of the Spirit Ministry. (God Bless You)
Email address: fruitfulministry@hotmail.com


“I just wanted to let you know how God used you when you were here two years ago. When the service was over, you stayed and prayed with me. I was doing a lot of heavy drugs. You labored to cast a spirit out for over an hour. I’m walking free now!

I thank God for you.”

The Way Church - San Bernardino, California


Bishop Whitelocke phoned me stating that she had brought Leon’s Ministry in for 2 days. – The Lord had moved so powerfully that she extended the meeting to 6 days and that we should have him at our church.

 Well, a 3 day meeting with us turned into 7. This was right after the major holidays of Christmas and New Year’s. The people were physically tired from the holidays and the weather was cold, yet not only did they come every night, the crowds increased.

 We’ve been in ministry for over 20 years. – We’ve seen a lot of ministers, yet I must say that God has given Leon one of the strongest Anointings that we have ever witnessed. Truly the Glory of God came into these services.

 We saw our people receive Physical Healings, Inner Wounds and Conflicts Healed – all types of Deliverances as Jesus The Deliverer set people free.

 And then, there was the practical side as Leon taught on finances giving people step-by-step ways to Buy a Home – Generate Income and Overcome Obstacles to reach their goals.

 My People – my Intercessors and our Church will never be the same.

Pastor James Blue
Cincinnati Bible Way Church - Cincinnati, Ohio


Last Easter you came to our church to visit. When the service had ended, I came up to say hello. You noticed I was limping with a cane. – You asked why? I said that my hip had been out of place and I was on a cane for over a year.

Suddenly, you said Jesus had an Easter present for me. You threw your hand toward me. It was like someone hit me. I fell to the ground. I was totally out. I don’t know for how long. – When I finally came to – and people helped me up – “no more pain”! – I walked out of church “with no cane”. It’s been over a year – still no more cane. It was a wonderful Easter present.

Susie –
Calvary Christian Center - Sacramento, California


Over 10 years ago, you were in a small church in Texas. You were ministering hard. –

 My wife and I were truly at a fork in the road. I no longer knew what I wanted to do with my life. My wife and I were thinking of separating.

 You prayed with us and stated “I know you don’t want to hear this – but this storm is almost over! And then, surprise, you’re going into ministry! After “that Word” you laid hands on me – I fell out. We did get direction to persevere. – We are in ministry.

 Thanks for letting the Lord use you in that small town in Texas. It was a life changing night.

Pastor Ernest Monroe


I was dealing with such severe depression and inner pain, there were days that I couldn’t or didn’t want to even get out of bed. You had a night of “Deliverance”.

You called out “depression and a wounded heart”. You laid hands on me and worked with me, something lifted.

 Since that night – I feel alive again. More energetic – more joy. Thanks be to God.

Cincinnati Bible Way Church - Cincinnati, Ohio


I had worked at the Ford plant for 17 years. – It’s been closed down. I was laid off. Fear was setting in – I needed a job.

 The night you taught on “How to Become an Entrepreneur” – You said to me – you don’t need “a job”! “You need income - !” The Lord has given you the skills to provide income.

 After talking with me, you suggested that I start my own business going to customer’s houses changing their oil, giving lube jobs and changing brakes. What I learned at Ford – I now service my own customers. No one can lay me off – I’m in business for myself! -- Thanks for the prayers, teaching and direction.

St. Louis, Missouri


My mother had you call me – you said, don’t think of this as church – “Too Sweet” from the movies is inviting you to a get together - you’re my special guest. I came to the first night and then came back all 6 nights.

 When you came to town, I was struggling with crack. – Not anymore! Haven’t missed church either!

 I thank God and you and “Too Sweet” – whatever it took to get me there!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Ministers such as: Former Presiding Bishop G.E. Patterson – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Kenneth Copeland, Dr. Morris Cerullo, Dr. Jack Hayford, and Pastor Paula White all hold Leon in high regard.


“God has given Leon Isaac Kennedy a crash course in Ministry. He Ministers with a level of maturity that usually takes decades”. PRESIDING BISHOP CHARLES E. BLAKE, WEST ANGELES CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA

We were truly blessed by your ministry. Your ministry of prayer and worship, entering into Gods presence is much needed throughout every church in America. This teaching is not new but seems to have been almost forgotten. I would recommend that any church invite you to come and minister. In particular, I am forwarding this letter to my good friends Pastor Wallace and Marilyn Hickey, Pastor Benny Hinn and Bishop Earl Paulk. Continue to be used - PASTOR BILL SWAD - THE CHRISTEN CENTER, COLUMBUS OHIO

“Having been a Pastor, I understand the deep concern when allowing one to share the pulpit. I can testify that Leon has not gone out to just give a personal testimony. He has sat and been steeped in the “Word”. Out of his great hunger to learn and grow, Leon has personally flown to just sit under many of my meetings as well as gleaning from many others. His hard work, research and tedious study in the Azusa and Seymour documentary resulted in not only critically acclaimed, but anointed work. He has been a personal friend and I can attest to his integrity and a genuine heart for the Lord, the people and the ministry. Leon has reached a point, wherein it’s not a “Celebrity Name” but “His gift shall make room for Him”. - TIM STOREY, TIM STOREY MINISTRIES - LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA

The following represents just a small portion of various Pastors and Churches – we have ministered for:  

Bishop Charles E. Blake Los Angeles, California

Dr. Myles Munroe Nassau, Bahamas

Bishop O.T. Jones, Jr. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pastor Richard Henton Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Clifford Turner Chicago, Illinois

Pastor Dick Bernal San Jose, California

Oral Roberts University Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pastor Phillip Goudeaux Sacramento, California

Evangelist Ernestine C. Reems Oakland, California

Bishop Merrit Detroit, Michigan

Pastor Chuck Singleton, Loveland Church San Bernardino, California

Pastor Woodrow Walker Atlanta, Georgia

Countries ministered in:

Russia - Nigeria - South Africa - England - Germany - Philippines


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